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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Download free Sleeping Dogs game for PC

Download free full version sleeping dogs game for PC 
Download free full version sleeping dogs game for PC 
Download free full version sleeping dogs game for PC 
Download free full version sleeping dogs game for PC 
Download free full version sleeping dogs game for PC 
Download free full version sleeping dogs game for PC 

Sleeping Dog PC Game Full Version - Welcome to Hong Kong, a city of neon that hides one of the most powerful criminal organization in the world that is dangerous and Triad. In this game, you play the role as a Shen Wei. Shen Wei is an undercover cop. Torn between your loyalty to the badge and the criminal code of honor, you will risk everything as the lines between truth, loyalty and justice.

The graphics are displayed on the game Sleeping Dog is very nice, visualization and sound of this game is very harmonious and cool. You will find a new experience that does not exist in other games.

Key Features Sleeping Dog:
• An undercover cop drama mature and gritty where you risk blowing your cover at any time.
• Explosive action is driven by a seamless blend of martial arts deadly crossfire intense and brutal take downs.
• Epic high speed thrills : Burning the streets or shredding the sea in a vast array of exotic cars , super bikes and speedboat.
• Hong Kong is your playground : Enter the illegal racing, gambling on cock fights, or kick back with some karaoke. There are many ways to entertain yourself in the districts of Hong Kong diverse.



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Monday, 6 October 2014

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire game Trailer for nintendo 3ds

A discernible pattern has emerged in developer Game Freak's Pokémon releases. With every new generation of games, they remake and re-release a pair of older games as well. On Game Boy Advance came Fire Red and Leaf Green (remakes of the original Game Boy releases). Then, on DS, they made Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Predictably, 2003's Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire are next on the remake list, with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire set to drop in November, more than a decade after the originals launched.

While some might call Game Freak's love of remaking old Pokémon games a bad habit, that's doing the developers and the games a disservice. Yes, it can be frustrating that the Pokémon powers that be insist on consistently exploiting the series' past. But the truth is that these remakes are very much worth playing, whether you're an experienced fan of the series, you haven't played since Red and Blue, or you're a total newcomer who never played the games before 2013's Pokémon X and Y. Here are a few reasons why Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire may be well worth your time.

Ruby and Sapphire were pretty unique
Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire were the only original Pokémon games on the Game Boy Advance, not counting the Red/Green remakes. And they're packed with strange gameplay experiments and unique features, like customizable secret bases and weird, non-combat Pokémon contests.

The upcoming remakes give Game Freak the opportunity to revisit and expand on the original games' concepts with new technologies and insights. Just thinking about what they might do with the games' Battle Frontier, a surprisingly robust endgame area for the time, should make any Pokémon fan want to sing like Jigglypuff.

Remakes are (almost always) better than mediocre spin-offs
There have been plenty of Pokémon spin-offs over the years, but with a few exceptions (like Pokémon Snap and Pokémon Pinball) they've never even come close to being as compelling as the main series games. X and Y proved that the familiar, main series Pokémon formula is better than ever, and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, despite being rehashes of older games, will use X and Y as their template.

    I mean, look at this Mega Slowbro. C'mon.
That's definitely a good thing. Although brand new games would be great, it's preferable to have well-made remakes of old games as opposed to bad spin-offs. And with the countless tweaks, improvements and changes to the gameplay made since the series began, Pokémon games right now are actually the best they've ever been.

Ruby and Sapphire's Pokenav will be great updated for the internet
If you've been playing Pokémon since the beginning it can be easy to forget how different the games' basic mechanics were back then. Likewise, if you haven't played since the old days, you might not know just how different these games are now.

The best change to Pokémon over the years is the ease with which you can now connect with other players. The original Ruby and Sapphire featured a tool called the PokéNav that helped players connect with trainers within the game, and it should transform perfectly to enable players to connect with one another in the remakes. In X and Y, the 3DS' bottom screen is devoted more or less entirely to online features, and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire's updated PokéNav will likely occupy the same space. After all, it's much better to be able to battle and trade with friends or strangers from anywhere in the game world rather than having to trek to the nearest Pokémon Center just to use their crappy dial-up connections.

X and Y's improvements will likely make Ruby/Sapphire a better overall experience
It may seem like Game Freak is making the same games now that they were 15 years ago, but it's actually hard to overstate how much the minute-to-minute experience of playing Pokémon has improved since the original games.

The 3DS' touch screen makes everything from Pokémon training to simple organization more intuitive. Remember what a pain it was to withdraw and deposit Pokémon from the PC in the original games? That experience got better with Ruby and Sapphire, but going back to it now feels like trying to organize a bookshelf without using your hands, compared with the intuitive drag-and-drop system perfected in X and Y.

Yes, Pokémon games get more complicated with each generation, with mega evolutions, fairy-type monsters, and more new additions in the latest round. But they're also more refined, and pure nostalgia value aside, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will benefit from Game Freak's extra decade-plus of experience. Maybe Pokémon contests will even be worth something this time around.
The competitive scene is thriving

Even better are the many, many changes Game Freak has implemented to make life easier for players who like to delve into the really competitive aspects of Pokémon. Back in the day when Ruby and Sapphire were new the competitive Pokémon scene was severely limited by the Game Boy Advance hardware. You had to actually be in physical proximity with someone to battle or trade with them. Barbaric, right?

And unlike in earlier games like Ruby and Sapphire, Game Freak has lately taken to giving players plenty to do after they beat the Elite Four--particularly hardcore players who like to breed and battle the best Pokémon possible. There are more viable options and strategies for competitive battling than there were in Ruby and Sapphire's time, and combat is much more balanced, although it's still far from perfect. And thanks to a thriving community of players and more transparency from the developers, it's easier than ever for casual fans to make the jump into the competitive scene and train until their thumbs bleed.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will look great
Finally, the most obvious improvement to the Pokémon series over the years is purely technical. The graphics have been improving steadily, and with the jump to 3DS they finally no longer look like something you could have played in your browser in 1999, like Ruby and Sapphire did. As creative as Game Freak is, 2D graphics can only go so far.

Thankfully the games' new 3D models make every detail clear, eliminating the need to ask awkward questions like "What are those bumps on its back supposed to be?" and "Is that a tuft of fur or is Beartic just happy to see me?" Pokémon X and Y were the best-looking games in the series, and it will be exciting to see how this new art style will translate to Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

MINI NINJAS: Get ready for a NINJA adventure like never before (PC)

By Hema Bhandari

Mini ninjas is a great game to play. It offers amazing adventure like never before. You are Hiro, the tiny hero on the biggest adventure. He embarks on an electrifying quest to bring back the harmony to a world on the edge of chaos. You need to use your skills and Ninja training to fight a magical army of wicked Samurai. You will be controlling a cute Ninja character. This character sets out on a quest to cease the game’s main enemy from world domination. The story follows the small ninja Hiro and his portly friend Futo. On your journey to warlord's headquarters, you will find your friends, fight magic Samurai and learn new spells. Each time you find ninja, new cinematics will be unlocked which are worth watching. They are beautifully animated and extremely well developed. The inviting and broad level design encourages more exploration. Each level has a few hidden paths. These paths lead you to shrines, collectibles and enemy encampments and some of which can be used to mix helpful potions. The level design feels as if you are really on a cohesive journey, a quest to rescue friends and beat the bad guys.

Mini ninjas allows you to sneak up on your opponents undetected, hide in tall grass, climb hurdles and use them according to your advantage. Animals are equally important in the gameplay. When you meet against one, you will be able to control them and use them to solve any problems you face at hand at the moment. Some animals can be useless sometimes while some of them so powerful that they can really turn the flow of the battle and help you make progress through the level unpreventable- for instance, the bear.

Mini ninjas offers unique and lovable characters. The art style makes this game even more delightful. This game is so addictive that you cannot help but keep coming back for another round quickly once you have put the keyboard/joystick down. Bright and sharp contrasting colours make up an enjoyable colour scheme. The game’s requirements are quite low for today’s standards. If while playing, you find yourself getting low frame rates, you have a choice of turning down some of the graphics settings and everything should be fine.

Mini Ninjas is a family friendly game. This game is meant especially for kids over 10 years old. Even the younger ones can enjoy it. Mini ninjas offers a high quality artistic style with a ton of humour. The level of difficulty is never very high even on the hardest setting. The fighting enemies is optional and the bosses all follow predictable patterns. Thus only frustration will come at the hands of the uncooperative camera. The cutscenes are lovely with superb dialogue and voice acting. Moreover there are varieties of combat options. All in all Mini Ninjas is a great game to play.

nice visuals
cutscenes are lovely
amazing dialogue and voice acting
awesome storyline
variety of combat options
nice art styles
family friendly

missing cooperative option
a bit tiresome combat

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BUS SIMULATOR 2012: Step into the shoes of a bus driver!! (PC)

By Hema Bhandari

Bus Simulator 2012 is the latest development of TML studios. Take the role of a bus driver and keep driving with highly detailed models, clothing and free walk in 3D world of German city.

Gameplay: There are so many possibilities, either you will have to finish your missions or play in an open 3D world. You can create missions and will find a challenging bus simulation. Like in our real world, you will have to stick to your own schedule and the traffic rules. You can also share your vehicles with the community. In this bus simulation, each and every technical detail of your bus is depicted realistically. You need to keep an eye on the speedograph in order to meet your schedules. If your windows steam up, just switch on the air conditioning. You need to take rest, although there are lots of missions, to stay fit and healthy. Moreover you can monitor the engine’s temperature and the charging level of the fuel (oil and gasoline) level as well as the cooling liquid by digital readouts in the bus. Your target should be more than 450 bus stops. You decide to sell a day or senior ticket depending on the passengers. In addition you must have a smile for your passengers to ignore a bad tempered reaction.

However the game starts with a black screen when you enter the game world, the outside temperature rises out of control to over 60 degrees, and worst part is that the game crashes frequently to the desktop. Thus the game is quite buggy. But if one likes buses and drives, then he should definitely go for Bus Simulator 2014.

Bus Simulator 2012 is really a very good game. The graphics, the German city and the buses, everything is just superb. It offers a free walk in 3D environment with interesting details that you can always explore something new. It is an epic game and addicting as well. If you like drives and buses, bus simulator is fantastic! Great fun and open mode feature is fantastic. The game is meant for any bus sim fans out there. Take the role of a bus driver and just keep driving!!

Detailed bus model
Huge 3D world
Extra missions
Realistic gameplay
variety of vehicles and divergent pedestrians

Sound effects could be better
Game frequently crashes to the desktop
Sometimes the game resumes with nothing but a black screen

Here is your download link:

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